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Video 3

I’m excited to share my latest project! This one was definitely a labor of love. All the music is original, built from my ideas, from there slowly evolving into what it is now. For the video I wanted to do something completely different while still keeping true to an unedited live performance. All you have to do is hit play, who knows you might enjoy it 😉

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New Changes

I’ll be making some changes to the audio tracks section and you may notice they’re currently missing. I should be able to get them back up shortly so check back soon.

Video 2

Here’s one I wrote a few years ago titled September. It has a neo-classical feel, which has become more of my staple over the years. Hope you enjoy it.


Hi Everyone, based on feedback I’ve moved some stuff around, videos and music files are now here on the main page as well.

I wrote this song around 10 years ago, finally got around to putting it online, enjoy 🙂

Welcome to Roeschen’s Music Site

Currnetly I’m enjoying teaching my wife to play the bass 🙂
Hear her rock out by following the link below to listen to her first song!